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Base for offset parasol

Install my offset parasol easily and unobtrusively


Aluminium base for mounting offset parasols (ref 428-007)

To be inserted in the GARD&ROCK anchoring base

Without having to move heavy weights, you will be able to anchor your offset parasols anywhere in your garden (lawn, stabilised, bed, terrace surround, etc.) and even on sloping ground.

A discreet and attractive way to get the most out of your garden.
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Attractive and space-saving

Replace heavy and cumbersome weights

Our patented system allows you to mount offset parasols in a way that uses up as little of your living space as possible.

Fastened in the Gard&Rock anchoring base, you will no longer need to use weights. You will benefit from a sturdy, attractive, removable and unobtrusive mounting! It will be easy to move your parasol to various anchoring points and get the most out of your garden during the day. Prepare several anchoring bases if you have a large surface area! And avoid having to handle heavy objects. It will also be possible for you to place your parasol near a pool to protect yourself and/or your children from the sun. Even better: you will now be able to create shade on your lawn and even on sloping ground! Finally, it will now be easy to store your parasols for winter or simply secure your equipment if you are away from home for a long time.

☛ TIP: For small outdoor spaces, in particular those of town houses, you will be able to install one sole anchoring base and switch your equipment accordingly. For example, to install a washing line in the morning, a parasol in the afternoon, and a Gard&Rock solar spotlight in the evening. All by simply clipping it into the ground.

Stylish, high-quality product

French design

Our mechanical design office wanted to replace weights, a source of trouble (the space they take up, injury, a haven for dirt and insects, etc.).

After countless studies, ideas and tests, we opted for a base system that is anchored to the ground which we have patented in view of its performance.

Made in die-cast aluminium and equipped with stainless steel fasteners, the Gard&Rock base now offers a sturdy, discreet and removable mounting system for offset parasols (up to 4x3m).

☛ N.B.: Following the various strength tests and the positive feedback from our customers, we can now guarantee the reliability of this product.

Patented ground-level clipping system

Quick Fixation System

As part of the exclusive Gard&Rock concept, the stand for the offset parasol must be combined with the anchoring base (Ref 428-001 to be ordered). This offers a sturdy, removable system that allows you to switch or move your different equipment so as to get the most out of your garden.

This anchoring base can be screwed or sealed into all types of flat or even sloping ground! (stabilised, gravel, earth, lawn, concrete, etc.). And for an optimum effect, we recommend installing several of them so that you are not limited to one sole place. Thus, you will be able to create a shady space at the bottom of your garden from where you can admire your house, settle down in an area with more air, or enjoy a rest near your plants.

☛ OUR ADVICE: In the event of unstable ground, or larger parasols, we recommend sealing the anchoring base as follows:

1/Dig a hole at least 40x40 cm and 40cm deep (depending on how stable your ground is)
2/Fill with concrete (about 2 ready-to-use bags) up to 3 to 4 cm from the ground, if you want to add a covering (lawn, gravel, etc.).
3/Screw the anchoring base into the preparation while it is still wet.
4/Leave to dry for as long as indicated on the bag of concrete (“setting” time).

In this way, you will obtain a sturdy unobtrusive and removable mounting!

Compatible with all standard parasols

Patented universal fixation system

In order for our system to be adapted to all offset parasols up to 4x3m available in stores, we have designed and patented a unique mechanism presented below:
At the base of the offset parasols, there is a square or round base plate fitted with 4 holes for the screws. This is initially designed for a steel cross, but you can also fasten our Gard&Rock base to it (using the stainless steel screws and accessories supplied). And in order for it to be compatible with 99% of the parasols available on the market, we have created a sliding system that allows the position of the screws to be adjusted as needed.

☛ OUR ADVICE: To check whether it is adapted to your parasol, just check the distance between the screws on its base plate. This should be between 55 and 133 mm (or 77 and 188 mm for a diagonal measurement).

Fit out my garden easily and save space

For the pleasure of all the family

Install, move and store your offset parasols and your outdoor equipment quickly without any difficulty following the day's activities. In all situations, our ground-level system offers sturdy anchoring and allows you to free up space especially when you need to mow the lawn.

With it being easy to fit out your space, all that remains is for you to choose between a game of badminton in the middle of your ground (thanks to the Gard&Rock Multisport Posts), a nap by your pool, or even an aperitif in the shade where there is more air.

Without a doubt, you will bring your garden to life for the well-being of all the family and create active, convivial and restful moments!

☛ OUR ADVICE: If you have an in-ground or inflatable pool, in particular for children, install an anchoring base next to it so that you can easily install and remove an offset parasol. You and/or your little ones will be able to rest or play in the water in complete safety protected from the sun and the heat.

N.B.: this stand can be used to mount an outdoor shower following the same principle.

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