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The GARD&ROCK brand

A French brand

Our values

Design, innovation and quality

<strong class="strong">GARD</strong>&<strong class="strong">ROCK</strong> is a French brand for the layout of external spaces offering innovative, aesthetic and high-quality products which blend in seamlessly with gardens, water features, campsites and all types of outdoor areas, etc.
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A patented system

Quick fixation System

Our ground-level clipping system (Quick fixation system) makes it possible to adjust and install your equipment easily according to the day's activities (relaxation, meals, sports, games, etc.).

To lay out your space rapidly

Rapidly mount, reposition and store away your outdoor equipment (parasols, clothes dryers, gazebos, bird boxes, sports and leisure equipment, etc.) as well as products in the <strong class="strong">GARD</strong>&<strong class="strong">ROCK</strong> upgradeable range. (Adaptors, Solar spotlights, Multi-sport posts, etc.). In all situations, our ground-level system permits solid anchoring on flat or sloping multigrounds (lawn, flower bed, stabilised ground, sand, concrete, etc.).

As you please

You will revitalise your garden for everyone's benefit. You will be able to adjust your equipment and free up your space at any time to facilitate lawn mowing and maintenance for instance.