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A French brand


Design, innovation and quality

GARD&ROCK is a French garden, leisure and landscaping brand.

We offer innovative, hard-wearing and high-quality products that blend seamlessly into gardens, water features, campsites, all types of outdoor areas.

Our inventiveness also includes sports equipment, lighting, outdoor games, and shade systems, which are at the heart of the GARD&ROCK brand
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Patented quick fixation system

Quick Fixation System

Our wish was to create an unobtrusive system that could be used to quickly install garden equipment.

Therefore, our French team based in Angers designed and developed an innovative ground-level clipping system (Quick Fixation System) for which we have obtained a worldwide patent. With it, it is now easy to install, move, and store outdoor equipment (parasols, clothes dryers, shade sails, sports posts, etc.) in line with all the family’s needs.

The concept is simple, it is an anchoring base that can be screwed or sealed into the ground and adapted for use with a large range of equipment according to your needs and uses.

Ultimately, the Gard&Rock system offers a sturdy, removable and unobtrusive mounting system!

To install my space quickly

Flat or sloping

Install, move and store your outdoor equipment quickly and easily following the day's activities.

With this ground-level anchoring system, it is easy to install your outdoor space and take advantage of the entire garden without having to limit yourself to your terrace, a place which is often hot. Now, you have the choice between somewhere cool or warmer depending on the weather, and you can even take a seat at the bottom of your garden and admire your house.

In all situations, our ground-level system offers a practical removable anchoring system for different types of flat or sloping land (lawn, bed, stabilised, sand, concrete, etc.). Above all, it allows you to adapt and free up space at any time, making it particularly easy to mow the lawn, and since it is lightweight and takes up very little space, it is easy to store away for the winter.

In line with my uses

And those of my children or guests

Now that you can enjoy your entire garden, you will no longer have to choose between a game of tennis on your lawn, a nap near your plants for cooler temperatures in the summer, or a drink before dinner in the shade next to your vegetable plot.

In the case of small outdoor spaces, in particular those of town houses, you will be able to switch your equipment with one sole anchoring base and, for example, install a clothes dryer in the morning, a parasol in the afternoon, and a Gard&Rock solar spotlight in the evening. In other words, you will be able to take advantage of a multitude of activities even in a small space.

Without a doubt, you will bring your garden to life for the well-being of all and create active, convivial and restful moments!


Know-how and ambition

Our French company, created in Angers in 2009, specialises in the development and production of plastic and alloy parts. Among other things, we work for the motor industry, for which we produce engine supports in die-cast aluminium. The association of our high-tech expertise, our taste for innovation and our founder’s interest in gardens led to the creation of the Gard&Rock brand. The interest shown in our concept by many brands means that we now distribute our products in Europe and America, thus generalising the use of our simple and effective outdoor products.

Evolutive range

To take full advantage of my garden

Currently, we offer shade products, such as a stand for a straight or an offset parasol and a telescopic post for shade sails that allow you to create shade in the garden wherever you want.

Our range also covers home sport activities since we sell a Multisport Post Kit (Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, etc.) and removable mountings for children’s games (Basketball hoop, Speedball etc.). We also offer Solar Spotlights and other removable mounting solutions, in particular for clothes dryers, bird boxes and even bicycle workshops, etc.

Finally, our Research & Development team based in Angers, Maine-et-Loire (49) is constantly innovating to offer practical and smart objects allowing you to take full advantage of your exterior.

Note that the anchoring base, useful for mounting all our products, is a unique reference. It will not evolve over time and ensures you compatibility with all our future Gard&Rock equipment.