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What are GARD & ROCK's origins?

GARD & ROCK is a French brand created in 2016. We endeavour to make laying out the garden simpler through innovative and quality products.

Where should the anchoring bases be positioned?

The GARD & ROCK (ref 428-001) anchoring bases can be placed wherever you like in your external space. We recommend positioning them in various spots depending on the position of the sun during the day and the equipment you want to mount. For example, on your lawn, around your house, in a flower bed, at the edge of your terrace or pool, etc. This will allow you to easily move your parasol during the day, install your clothes dryer when you need it or turn your garden into a sports field by clipping on GARD & ROCK badminton posts. In any case, the anchoring bases are unobtrusive and you will be able to free up your space in a flash.

On what type of ground can you install anchoring bases?

GARD & ROCK anchoring bases (ref 428-001) can be screwed into any kind of soft, flat or sloping ground: lawn, earth, stabilised or gravel, etc. If the ground does not seem stable enough, the product can be installed using a concrete sealing. The procedure is indicated in the instructions.

How are the anchoring bases screwed in?

Simply use the screwing rod included in the GARD & ROCK (ref 428-001) anchoring bases and insert it into the stopping plug. Then apply downward pressure into the ground while screwing clockwise. If the ground is too hard and/or too dry, we suggest watering the area concerned first.

How can you make sure that the anchoring base is installed perfectly upright?

A spirit level is built into the product. This makes it possible to adjust the direction of the anchoring base during screwing and so ensure that it is perfectly upright.

Is the support strong enough to ensure the stability of the equipment to be mounted?

The mounting is extremely sturdy since the anchoring base is securely installed in the ground. On ground which is too soft, not stable enough and especially when using offset parasols, it is advisable to opt for a concrete sealing. The procedure is indicated in the instructions for the anchoring base.

How are the multisport posts mounted?

The GARD & ROCK (ref 428-003) multisport posts should be clipped on to the anchoring bases. In a flash, you can turn your garden into a sports field and free up space when you want. You can clip your parasol onto these same anchoring bases and relax in the shade after playing a sport for instance!

How long is the net?

It is 5m long, with cords 80cm long at the two ends. So the ideal distance between the two posts is between 5.2 and 5.8m.

Which sports can I play with the multisport posts?

The GARD & ROCK (ref 428-003) multisport posts can be used for the leisure practice of the following disciplines: tennis, football-tennis, badminton, volleyball and water volleyball. The height of the net can be adjusted up to 2 metres to suit adults and children.

How should the offset parasol be mounted?

The removable stand should be used with the offset parasol (ref 428-007) for insertion into a GARD & ROCK anchoring base (ref 428-001). This permits unobstructive mounting since it does away with the need to use slabs as ballast. You will be able to install and easily reposition your parasol at the edge of the terrace, swimming pool, on your lawn or in a flower bed, etc.

Is there a locking system between the stand of the offset parasol and the anchoring base?

A locking system is not useful for mounting an offset parasol. As the parasol is, in effect, eccentric, the wind exerts a lateral force on the stand and not a linear one upwards, contrary to a straight parasol.

Est-ce que le pied pour parasol déporté est adapté aux parasols muni d'un mât rectangulaire, ovalisé ou bien de grosses dimensions?

Peu importe la forme et la dimension du mât. Ce qui compte, est l’entraxe des vis de fixation situées sur la platine de votre parasol. En effet, celui-ci doit être compris entre 55 et 133 mm ou 77 et 188 mm pour une prise de dimension en diagonale. Et nous vous invitons à visualiser la vidéo ci-dessous pour une meilleure compréhension : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82UF6b3FEds

Commercial warranty excluding France

The commercial warranty primarily applies to metropolitan France.