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Multisport posts kit

Set up my sports ground quickly


Telescopic aluminium POSTS (Ref 428-003)

To clip onto the GARD&ROCK anchoring base

At home, with friends, or on holiday, you can quickly turn your space into a proper Tennis, Badminton or Volleyball court by simply clipping onto the ground.

Equipped with a telescopic function, it is easy to change sports and adapt the height of the net for younger or older players. When camping, at the park, or in the garden, it is easy to carry the kit with you so that you can enjoy the sport of your choice.

The net and bag are included in the Kit.
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Patented ground-level clipping system

Adapted to all types of ground

We wanted to be able to offer customers the reversible installation of a Tennis or Badminton court at home at an affordable price that would not take up space all year round.

Therefore, our French team designed an innovative floor clip system (Quick Fixation System) for which we have obtained a worldwide patent. These are telescopic posts that just have to be clipped onto the Gard&Rock anchoring bases (sold separately) screwed into the ground.

Adapted to all types of ground, even sloping ground (earth, tarmac, lawn, stabilised, etc.), you will be able to install your multisport posts completely straight in a flash. The removable function means that it will be very easy to store them away without taking up space in your garden, and use the bases to install other equipment such as a parasol or a clothes dryer for example.

☛ TIP: Our system also has a rotation direction and blocking function. This means that you will be able to rotate your posts in their anchoring base to ensure that your net is always tight.


French design

Made in anodised aluminium and high-quality anti-UV plastic injection moulding, the Gard&Rock sport posts allow you to create your own sports court for racket and ball games.

Made in France, you will benefit from a practical item of equipment with a pure design that blends seamlessly into your garden. Also suitable for pool areas thanks to its resistant rust-proof material meaning that you can even install a net for Water Volleyball!

Quality, practicality and beauty are the keywords for this patented innovation that has created an exclusive sports product!

☛ STRENGTHS: Removable and lightweight, it is easy to transport and store your multisport posts thanks to the bag supplied.

Adjust the game height up to 2 meters (6.56ft)

For enjoying various activities in a small space

Gard&Rock multisport posts offer you the chance to adjust the height of the game from the ground up to two metres thanks to these two major functions:

- The net is attached to slide fasteners that allow you to slide it down and up along the posts.
- The posts are telescopic to increase the total height of the game

This offers the advantage of being able to adapt the height of the game for younger and older players, and also change the sport. Thus, you or your children will be able to opt for TENNIS, BADMINTON, VOLLEYBALL, WATER VOLLEYBALL, FOOTBALL-TENNIS, and more.

Net and bag included

Install and store my sports equipment easily

The Multisport Kit includes:

- Two anodised aluminium telescopic posts equipped with the Quick Fixation System

- A multisport net 5 metres long (16.4ft) and 60cm (24in) high. Equipped with 1-meter ropes (3.3ft) at each end, it will be possible to place your posts at a distance of between 5 to 7 meters (16.4 to 23ft).

- A fabric storage and transport bag

☛ IMPORTANT: Two Gard&Rock anchoring bases (ref 428-001) to be purchased separately, are enough for quick and removable mounting.

Designed to allow you to quickly fit out your garden

And for the pleasure of all the family

Fasten, move and store your multisport posts and your outdoor equipment quickly and easily following the day's activities. In all situations, our ground-level system offers removable mounting and allows you to free up space at any time, especially when you need to mow the lawn.

With it being easy to fit out your space, all that remains is for you to do is choose between a game of Volleyball in the middle of your ground, a nap by the pool, or an aperitif in the shade where there is more air.

Without a doubt, you will bring your garden to life for the well-being of all the family and create active, convivial and restful moments!

☛ OUR ADVICE: Install a third anchoring base next to your sports field so that you can easily install a removable parasol (thanks to the Gard&Rock stands for straight or offset parasols). You and your spectators will be able to watch your matches sheltered from the sun and the heat!

Customer feedback

Lire les avis clients
Produit au Top, fonction télescopique et installation rapide. Les enfants sont ravis et moi aussi.. :-)
Gaultier MACHART
très bonne idée , le télescopique en particulier, facilité d'installation , mais un peu trop de jeu dans les bases d'ancrage , et celles ci ont bougé / se sont inclinées avec la tension necessaire pour tendre le filet correctement. Je précise que le sol utilisé n'est pas sablonneux ou instable. Je dois soit haubanner les poteaux soit couler du béton... Donc avis mitigé
Response from the customer service:
Cher client, Tout d'abord, nous vous remercions pour votre commentaire. Et concernant la fixation, les terrains sont effectivement encore très meuble suite à l'hiver. Néanmoins les beaux jours arrivent et votre terre va devenir plus sèche et donc plus stable. Vous n'aurez donc normalement pas besoin de venir sceller les bases d'ancrage. Et dans tous les cas, vous conserverez la fonction amovible afin d'aménager ou de libérer votre espace rapidement. Bonne journée
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