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Stand for straight parasol

Set up and move my equipment as I wish


Aluminium ADAPTOR for mounting straight parasols (ref 428-002)

To clip onto the GARD&ROCK anchoring base

The Gard&Rock anchoring base enables sturdy and removable mounting of your outdoor equipment (parasols, gazebos, flags, bird boxes, sports equipment, etc.). Simply clip onto its anchoring base (sold separately) to adapt or free up your space in a flash and take full advantage of your garden!
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Patented ground-level clip fastening system

Quick Fixation System

Our wish was to create an unobtrusive system that could be used to quickly mount garden equipment, including straight parasols.

Therefore, our French team invented an innovative floor clip system (Quick Fixation System) for which we have obtained a worldwide patent. It is an anchoring base that can be screwed or sealed into the ground, and a series of Gard&Rock equipment that can be clipped onto it in a sturdy and removable manner.

With it, you will be able to install your equipment anywhere in your garden and, for example, switch your parasol with a clothes dryer with a simple clip. It will also be much easier to store your equipment without having to worry about weight or space.

☛ OUR ADVICE: install the anchoring bases at various strategic sites in order to adapt your space and, for example: create various areas of shade depending on the sun, transform your garden to suit your desired activities, or temporarily install Gard&Rock badminton posts.

Stylish, high-quality product

French design

Made in die-cast aluminium and high-quality anti-UV plastic injection moulding, the Gard&Rock parasol stand offers intelligent and sturdy mounting. Made in France, you will benefit from a product designed to be as practical as possible that is adapted to your needs. Its pure design ensures complete discretion in harmony with nature. Quality, practicality and beauty are the keywords for this patented innovation that has created an exclusive concept.

☛ TIP: For small outdoor spaces, in particular those of town houses, you will be able to install one sole anchoring base and switch your equipment accordingly. For example, to install a washing line in the morning, a parasol in the afternoon, and a Gard&Rock solar spotlight in the evening. All by simply clipping into the ground.

Easily adapt the direction of my parasol and my equipment

GARD&ROCK patented system

According to the equipment, you will be able to rotate or block its position. Press the buttons to unlock rotation and you’re ready to go!

☛ N.B.: This function is particularly useful for modifying the direction of tilting parasols according to the position of the sun. Simply rotate the adaptor in the anchoring base without having to unscrew your parasol.

Universal for Ø20 to 50mm parasol mountings

Multi-Rings system

The Gard&Rock tightening system ensures the strong mounting of Ø20 à Ø50mm posts. We have developed a system (Multi-Rings system) into which a multitude of equipment with small or large diameter posts can be inserted and correctly tightened. Thus, you will also be able to install a beach parasol, a large parasol, a clothes dryers and children's games that are equipped with a post that can be fastened to the ground.

☛ TIP: When you want to store or move your equipment, do not waste time removing your parasol or your equipment from the adaptor. Thanks to its exclusive system, simply unclip the adaptor from its anchoring base and release it.

Set up my equipment quickly

On flat or sloping ground (lawn, bed, earth, stabilised, concrete, etc.)

Set up your space according to your wishes for the pleasure of all the family!
It will be easy to mount your straight parasol, your gazebo, your clothes dryer, your bicycle fastener and your children’s games, even on sloping ground. You will never have enjoyed your garden and sunny days so much.

☛ IMPORTANT: This product is not adapted for mounting shade sails. For this you must opt for reference 428-011 (Telescopic post for shade sail).

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