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39.90 €

Solar spotlight

Light and decorate my garden with solar energy


STAINLESS STEEL solar spotlight (428-005)

To clip onto the GARD&ROCK base or its own base

Add a decorative touch to your garden and take advantage of high-quality and affordable lighting.

Equipped with a patented ground-level clip system, you will be able to install and remove them easily without having to plug them into the mains!
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Affordable and ecological

For high-quality lighting

Offer your garden an ecological and sustainable touch by opting for solar lighting. Let nature do its work and store energy during the day from the sun that is converted into light when night falls.

Benefit from an illuminated outdoor space that highlights your flower beds, trees, paths, and even the surroundings of pools and terraces.

☛ N.B.: Solar lighting does not offer the same performance as mains lighting, but it does allow you to benefit from easy-to-install and removable lighting wherever you require it without consuming energy. No mains electricity required, create an attractive subdued atmosphere with free and environmentally-friendly energy.

Ergonomic landscape lighting

French brand

Gard&Rock solar spotlights are made in varnished stainless steel to ensure that their attractive appearance lasts over time. Measuring 41cm above the ground and with a diameter of 8cm, you will benefit from a modern and pure design that blends seamlessly into gardens, in harmony with nature. As an option, you can clip them onto Gard&Rock anchoring bases to ensure the precise and removable installation of your lighting.

In terms of performance, they are equipped with a new-generation (SMD) 3-LED system offering high-quality lighting of up to 15 lumens. The solar energy will be captured by a photovoltaic panel located on the top and then stored in standard batteries, therefore interchangeable (Type AAA, NiMh 1.2V 1000mAh).

☛ N.B.: The solar cell is under great pressure from sunlight, high heat in the summer and frost in the winter. With this part being subject to wear, spare parts are available (on our eStore) to ensure that you keep your solar spotlights for a long time.

Removable lantern function

Carry light everywhere

In addition to the floor clipping function, the lighting part is mobile. This means that it can be used as a torch by simply removing it from the stainless steel base.

Thus, you will be able to stroll around your garden, the campsite, your holiday or hiking destination with your lantern and light your way or, for example, place it on a table to bring welcoming subdued lighting to your meals.

Patented ground-level clipping system

On all types of ground with no need for mains electricity

Our wish was to create an unobtrusive system that could be used to quickly install garden equipment, including solar spotlights.

Therefore, our French team invented an innovative floor clip system (Quick Fixation System) for which we have obtained a worldwide patent. It is a base (included) to be screwed or inserted in the ground onto which you can clip the solar spotlights.

This unique mounting system allows you to:

- quickly install solar spotlights completely straight by simply clipping them onto the ground,
- store them easily so as to free up space and ensure that there are no obstacles when you want to mow the lawn for example,
- install them everywhere, on hard ground (bitumen, stabilised, tarmac, concrete, etc.) as well as on loose ground (earth, grass, flower bed, etc.).

☛ TIP: It will also be possible to clip the solar spotlights directly onto the anchoring bases (ref 428-001). Thus, if you already have some installed to mount your parasols for example, you can easily switch them for your solar spotlights in the evening or in winter.

Switches on automatically when night falls

And recharges during the day...

In addition to a photovoltaic cell and 3 SMD LED, the Gard&Rock solar spotlights are equipped with a light sensor.

Thus, they will switch on automatically when night falls. No need to activate a switch, they take care of everything!

☛ TIP: To increase the period of lighting as much as possible, it is necessary to position the solar spotlights in a place that enjoys plenty of sunlight. Therefore, avoid places in the shade, under a tree for example, and favour a southerly direction (if you live in the northern hemisphere) or a northerly direction (if you live in the southern hemisphere).

☛ For information: In summer, 1 hour of direct sunlight = up to 30 mins of light.